Stand up if you love …

The first Theatre FC show is Stand Up If You Love [insert name of club]! a fun and fund raising knees up of comedy, music and performance tailor-made for specific non-league clubs.

Stand Up If You Love features three fans from FK Real Kakrc a (fictitious) Balkan football club who accidentally won the Montenegrin Cup and have a comic cautionary tale to tell about the the slippery path to success. Interspersed by stand ups, music, photography and surprise acts from the local community the evening celebrates the wonders of grassroots football.

Performances will take place either indoors in team’s clubhouses – in a Covid-free world – or outside if indoor social distancing is still an issue.

Stand Up For Whitehawk

In the Summer of 2019 we were commissioned by Farnham Maltings / Esmée Fairbairn Foundation to research and develop a new project. Working with Whitehawk FC, a non-league football club based in East Brighton, we created a night of stand up comedy, live music and poetry in their clubhouse at the beginning of December. This event raised money for the Whitehawk foodbank. It was sponsored by ‘fans’ of FK Real Kakrc, a Montenegrin fourth division team that we invented for the project. An introduction to the story of this team, a cautionary tale of the potentially negative consequences of success, was presented by our three actors as part of the evening. The story tells of a small Balkan club who accidentally win the Montenegrin Cup, are taken over by a multi-national fizzy drinks company and consequently lose their soul.

Here is a clip about the Stand Up For Whitehawk event made by Your League TV.